Workout Recovery Tips to Prevent Injury

Workout Recovery Tips to Prevent Injury Pain Relief Products Call Us

Staying active is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. However, too many people treat workout recovery as an optional part of fitness.

Did you know that properly recovering from a workout can help you prevent injuries? The following are several tips for workout recovery. We urge you to prioritize recovery as much as your actual workouts, as it can save you from unpleasant injuries.

Cool Off

We know that it is tempting to go home and lay down immediately after finishing a hard workout at the gym. However, your cooldown is very important. Ideally, cooldowns should involve light movement and stretching to help your heart rate return to normal.

Adding a few minutes of stretching to the end of your workout can help your muscles release tension and promote circulation and nutrient delivery. All of which can help your workout recovery.


You probably hear that you should drink more water from doctors, friends, internet posts, and even strangers. While this advice is probably nothing new, it is essential in your recovery.

Being dehydrated is dangerous, and when you put in serious time at the gym, you can suffer if you don’t drink enough water. You may experience dizziness, cramping, aching, and poor body temperature regulation.

Reminder: Sports drinks are often very high in sugar and sodium, which can actually dehydrate you. Plain water is always the best option for workout recovery.


Foam rolling and massage guns are popular tools for workout recovery. A ton of information is available about how to use foam rollers and massage guns for recovery. You don’t need to invest a ton of money into high-end products to benefit from massage post-workout. You could use a tennis ball to get the same kinds of benefits.

Meeting with a physical therapist can help you get the info you need on how to use massage safely and effectively in your post-workout routine.

Cold Therapy

While you don’t necessarily need to use ice baths or cryotherapy after each workout, there are benefits to taking a cold shower post-workout. Using the cold as a workout recovery technique can help improve your circulation and reduce inflammation. You don’t have to freeze yourself every day to gain these benefits, but making your showers cold for a few minutes can feel great after a challenging workout.


Part of the reason why you feel so sore the day or two after a workout is the lactic acid sitting in your muscles. You can find compression attire in most sports goods stores. The gentle squeeze the garments provide can help boost blood flow in the area to take the lactic acid out of your muscles to prevent pain and soreness.

Rest Time

Scheduling rest time is key for workout recovery. Give yourself a day or two every week to do minimal physical activity to allow your body to heal. You can still swim, walk, bike, etc., but dedicate these days to taking a break from demanding exercises such as weightlifting and long-distance running.

Doing hard workouts every day of the week without properly resting puts you at risk of injury.

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