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UltraPain Products is dedicated to providing patients with a safe alternative to opioids for pain management. Our patented PainShield wearable therapeutic ultrasound therapy promotes natural healing and effectively reduces pain without the risk of dependency. With our clinically proven solutions, patients get back to work or everyday life without suffering from chronic pain, making opioid-free pain management a reality.

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The Painshield

The PainShield, offered by UltraPain Products, is a wearable therapeutic ultrasound therapy device that is designed to promote soft tissue healing and effectively reduce pain. It is an ideal solution for injured patients seeking to regain their normal lives and return to work, providing them with a portable, at-home, non-invasive and drug-free option for pain management.

How It Works

The Painshield harnesses the power of slow-release, low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasonic surface acoustic wave therapy. Incorporating advanced surface acoustic wave technology, this cutting-edge device not only stimulates blood flow but also activates the body’s natural healing cascade.

With its versatile nature, the Painshield caters to a diverse range of clinical applications, greatly diminishing pain, as well as facilitating tissue repair and regeneration at the cellular level inmusculoskeletal and vascular soft tissue structures. Experience the next level of pain management and healing with PainShield as we lead the charge toward a healthier and more efficient approach to pain management and post-injury recovery.

The Benefits

  • Decreases trigger point sensitivity
  • Stimulates soft tissue rebuilding
  • Accelerates protein and collagen synthesis
  • Enhances bone and soft tissue repair
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases muscle spasms and the feeling of pain
  • Reduces edema or swelling
  • Increases blood supply and oxygen to bodily soft tissues
  • Offers portable, at-home therapy that is easily applied and used for up to 6.5 hours a day
  • Permits use during sleep or daily activities
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“For the last four weeks, my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain has completely subsided, and let me mention that I have not used the PainShield during these four weeks. I am back to normal life, in which I am, after eight years of torture and suffering, again enjoying eating, talking, singing, etc.”

–  ARS / 82-Year-Old Female, UK

“My experience with PainShield has shown that it is highly effective in treating painful foot disorders including heel spur syndrome, tendon disease, and wound pain. I am currently performing a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of PainShield on patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, and initial results are very promising.”

–  Dr. Jonathan Rosenblum / Director of Diabetic Foot Service, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

“I am very satisfied with the PainShield: after only two weeks of using it, the pain caused by Trigeminal Neuralgia has disappeared. I was able to halve the dosage of Tegretol, which I had been taking for years and which was the only medicine that worked. I hope to be able to eventually discontinue it.”

–  JD / 88 Years Old, Bordeaux, France

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