Ways to Fight Inflammation

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Inflammation can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in your life. You do not have to suffer through chronic pain, fatigue, and health issues. You can modify your daily life to try to fight inflammation. Please keep reading to learn more about what you can add and subtract from your life to get to a healthier place.

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Foods that Fight Inflammation

When you add to your diet, including foods that can reduce inflammation in the body can help you start to feel better. Please know that not everyone’s digestive system is the same, and you should consult a dietician to help monitor changes in your diet for inflammation issues.

The most popular foods that have been categorized as anti-inflammatory foods include tomatoes, leafy greens, fish, olive oil, nuts, and berries.

You can create healthy snacks and meals with these types of ingredients to help improve your overall health.

Foods that Cause Inflammation

You should limit certain foods in your diet as much as possible if you want to rid your body of inflammation.

The foods that are the biggest culprits of inflammation include fried foods, refined carbs, sodas, processed meats, red meat, margarine, lard, and shortening.

You may not realistically be able to cut all of these out of your diet completely, especially if you are short on time one day or in a group setting where they are only serving these types of foods. However, it is important to avoid and limit these foods whenever possible.

Lifestyle Changes to Fight Inflammation

If you want to learn more about how to reduce inflammation in your body by making lifestyle changes, please keep reading. These tips can help you find relief when you get into the swing of your new routine.

Exercise Habits

Regular exercise can help you fight inflammation. Even 20 minutes of moderate cardio every day can help reduce your inflammation.

Exercises such as yoga, swimming, dancing, walking, and biking are great to add to your weekly routine to help lower inflammation.

Being inactive can cause health problems in various ways, including inflammation flare-ups.

Make sure you gently build into a workout routine and do not overdo it. Stay hydrated with the added activity and give yourself proper rest, or else it will have a counterintuitive effect.

Stress Management

Stress can cause a lot of health problems. Inflammation can be aggravated by chronic stress. Managing your stress is important if you want to fight inflammation. Exercise and diet can be great tools to use when you are feeling stressed. When you eat better, you feel better. When you get exercise, your body releases happy hormones.

You may also require counseling or therapy to help manage stress, anxiety, and depression which can all contribute to your well-being and levels of inflammation.

Medication-Free Way to Fight Inflammation

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