Tips to Manage Back Pain

Tips to Manage Back Pain Pain Relief Products Get Product Info Today

Studies have shown that 80% of Americans will suffer back pain within their lifetime. It is an incredibly common complaint that many people have. The following are several tips to help manage back pain.

Whether you threw your back out during daily activities or are dealing with an old injury or condition, these tips can hopefully help you find some relief. Keep reading to learn more.

Healthy Habits to Manage Back Pain

The following are some healthy habits you can add to your lifestyle to help you start relieving your back pain symptoms. It is, of course, essential to pair these tips with a visit to your doctor to get a treatment plan.

Regular Movement

You have likely heard the saying, “move it, or lose it.” This can refer to many things, but there is truth in that if you do not move your body, you can lose the ability to do it.

Adding exercise to your daily routine may feel counterproductive if you are in pain. However, back pain can be significantly relieved by a quick spurt of gentle activity a few times a week.

You don’t need to clock in hours doing heavy lifting or intense cardio to reap the rewards of exercise. A twenty or thirty-minute walk three or four times a week can be very beneficial to your overall well-being as well as your back pain. Staying still too long can weaken your supportive muscles, which can make back pain worse.


There are two leading proponents of preventing pain: strength and flexibility. If you commit to regular walking, you should also commit to regularly stretching your body. Stretching first thing in the morning can help manage back pain. You can also wait until the end of the day when your muscles are the warmest, and this would give you the best chance of improving your flexibility.

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to stretch and improve your mobility. You can move more freely when you have increased mobility to avoid future injuries.

Habits to Avoid

Several bad habits that you may have can cause your back pain to get worse. If you struggle to manage back pain, it is time to reduce harmful habits.


Smokers are much more likely than nonsmokers to experience spine issues. Not only are you putting your body at risk of health complications such as cancer and gum disease, but smoking can also cause your bones to become weak and your spinal discs to degenerate. You may experience stiffness and soreness in your back.

To help avoid these complications as well as other health impacts, you should try to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Excessive Weight Gain

If you are not at a healthy weight, it can become hard to manage back pain. When you have excess weight, it can put unnecessary pressure on your joints and spine. You may have trouble with your back, knees, feet, etc.

Being overweight comes with several health risks. Working with your doctor to achieve a healthy weight can be a great way to help you feel better in many ways.

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