Reduce Pain without Prescription Meds

Reduce Pain without Prescription Meds Pain Relief Products

Pain in the body can have a huge impact on your life. When you are in pain, you don’t feel good physically or mentally. It can really wear you down. If you want to reduce pain and start living a better life, please give us a call right away. We have products that can allow you to heal and manage your symptoms. You can request product information from us today.

Risks of Using Prescription Meds to Reduce Pain

It is very easy to become addicted to prescription pain medication. Narcotics and opioids have a reputation for being deadly to those who become hooked. These drugs do nothing to help your body heal. They simply mask your pain.

There are thousands of addiction programs in the country for people who are specifically struggling with their addiction to pain medications.

When people are given medications that they become addicted to, they have been known to seek out access to them either illegally or by putting themselves in more physical harm in order to receive more of this prescription from their doctors.

Long-term use of prescription medication can cause organ damage and can lead to severe health issues.

Ways to Reduce Pain at Home

There are several ways you can manage pain at home that do not require prescription pain killers. One of the pillars of at-home care is ice and heat. Cold compresses are often the first thing that people grab when they want to dull the pain that they feel. It can be used on toothaches, bruises, sprained ankles, broken bones, and so many other things.

Hot water bottles and heating pads are also a very common first line of defense for pain relief. They soothe cramps, muscle spasms, menstrual pains, and so much more. Depending on the type of injury or pain that you are experiencing, heat will be much better than cold for reducing pain. Hot baths with Epsom salts have been known for helping with pain reduction.

There are also our products that can help you reduce pain while at home. We have a device that provides you with ultrasound therapy with clinically proven results to help your body heal. If you are interested in over six hours of clinically proven pain relief, reach out for information on our Pain Shield Pro.

Healing Modalities to Reduce Pain

There are several healing modalities if you are interested in trying to feel better without using prescription medication. First, you can seek out physical therapy. This will often be ordered by your doctor. Physical therapy has a lot of benefits in aiding in recovery and coming back stronger than before.

Getting massages and seeking a chiropractor can help alleviate pain for many people as well. Some people swear by chiropractic care to help with their pain. Massage is not just used as a luxury experience. Massage has healing properties.

You can even try other less-known healing modalities like music therapy. There have been a lot of studies done about how music can help people reduce their pain levels. Even if you don’t think there is any validity in it, you may find that it is worth trying.

Call Us for Product Information

You can get product information from us by filling out our contact form, sending an email, or giving us a call. When you want to reduce pain, we are here to help you find the right products for your condition. Please don’t wait to reach out. We want to be able to help you find relief and get back to your life as soon as possible.

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