Being in pain can cause you to miss out on things that you once loved to do. You may be forced out of activities such as sports, work, school, etc. When dealing with acute pain, we understand if you are desperate for relief. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help you.

What Causes Acute Pain?

The understanding of acute versus chronic pain is that acute pain lasts shorter than six months while chronic pain is six months or longer.

If your pain is acute, it is often described as sharp. You can usually figure out why you are having this pain.

Some examples of why you would have acute versus chronic pain can include broken bones, surgery, cuts, and childbirth.

Even if you know that the pain is temporary, while you are dealing with it, it can be awful.

Please keep reading to learn about products that we recommend for someone who is suffering from acute injury pain.

Our Products That Can Alleviate Acute Pain

Our UltraShield ultrasound therapy device is popular among those with both acute and chronic pain. We have a lot of people praising the product because it alleviated their pain and allowed for them to heal. This device can adhere to the area where you are experiencing pain. It can be worn for over 6 hours and give you therapy while you are on the go.

UltraLSO is a product we suggest for those with pain in their lower back. This product offers support to the lumbar spine. If you suffer from low back pain and need a way to find relief, this product could be for you. It has an option to place an ice pack.

If you suffered a knee injury, you might be interested in our UltraROM product that provides support to the knee after an injury. The product has universal sizing that does not have to go over the foot to be placed.

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