Natural Healing: Work with the Body

Natural Healing Work with the Body Narcotic Free Pain Relief Products

Many people are not keen on using western medicine to reduce their pain during recovery. Doctors can be quick to prescribe pain medication, steroids, and antibiotics for people. If you are seeking out more natural healing that works with your body to recover or manage pain, you would likely be interested in our products. Please keep reading to learn more. You can give us a call for even more product information.

Improve Your Circulation

Having good circulation is a very important part of being healthy. Your cardiovascular health is vitally important to your overall health. Most things that improve your circulation involve movement and exercise. When you do not get enough of that, you are at risk of developing circulation issues such as DVT.

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, your ability to get enough movement is likely severely hindered. Our product UltraFlow helps prevent DVT by providing your extremities with compression. If this would benefit your natural healing plan, you can ask your doctor about this product right away.

Utilize Ultrasound Therapy at Home

We have a popular product called PainShield Pro which is a low-intensity ultrasound therapy device. It is a pain relief product that you use at home. You can wear the device where you experience pain and need relief. It can be worn under clothing and can be taken on the go.

This device can provide you with over six hours of pain relief. Competitor products only provide you with about fifteen minutes of therapy.

If you are interested in natural healing that does not involve prescription pain medication, you should talk to your doctor about our PainShield Pro today.

Electrotherapy for Healing

If you have been immobile for a while because of surgery, having a cast, or being in a brace for a very long time, you likely are suffering muscle atrophy.

Our product, ManaFlexx2 is an electrotherapy device that you can wear to rehabilitate your muscles. It can be used for at-home care for your muscle recovery following your surgery. If you are interested in this product, we suggest that you talk to your doctor about it right away.

Get More Product Information Today

We provide many products for people who want more natural healing. We would be happy to provide you with more product information. You can request more information by using our contact form, or for quicker contact, we would be happy to take your call today. We are passionate about providing people with options that allow them to heal without prescription pain medication.

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