How to Remedy Shoulder Pain

How to Remedy Shoulder Pain

Are you suffering shoulder pain? The shoulder is a delicate joint that, when over-exerted, an injury can quite easily occur. When you are suffering shoulder pain, either new or chronic, we want to help you get better. Here are some remedies and products that can help you heal:

Where Does the Pain Come From?

Remedying your pain needs to start by identifying the cause. Shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal injury that people suffer from. Knowing where your shoulder pain comes from is going to help you heal as quickly as possible. If you are new to exercise and you start doing arm and shoulder workouts that are too hard, you lift too heavy, or you do moves without proper form, you can hurt yourself.

There are tendons and muscles in the shoulder as well as a rotator cuff that can cause a lot of pain even for minor injuries.

Other causes of shoulder injury and pain can come from the workplace. If you work somewhere that requires repetitive motions, eventually that can lead to wear and tear of the shoulder.

Sometimes shoulder injuries will come from accidents. Perhaps you were in a sports accident. Maybe you were involved in a collision. These can all cause injury and pain.

Surgery on the shoulder can also be the reason why you experience pain. Our products can heal aid in healing from all of these causes.

Recovery from Injury

Resting is going to be the first thing that you need. Depending on the injury, you might be instructed to do cold or hot compresses. But the key to an injured shoulder getting better is giving it a chance to heal. You might need to avoid activities that aggravate the injury. You may also be ordered by a doctor to do physical therapy when the injury has healed enough.

Our goal is to help you avoid painkillers. Our UltraPain Products are designed to help your body naturally heal. Two products that would be particularly suited for shoulder pain are our Painshield MD low-intensity ultrasound therapy product and our ManaFlexx 2 electrotherapy product.

The Painshield MD is an adherable pain relief product that uses low-intensity ultrasound waves to get the blood flow in your shoulder to increase so that your body’s natural healing properties are accelerated. It can be worn under clothing for over six hours and can be worn on the go.

Our ManaFlexx 2 product is great for healing if you had shoulder surgery and the muscles have atrophied. It is meant for at-home use to stimulate the muscles that have been resting for a long time.

When you address the root problem of shoulder pain instead of covering it with painkillers, you are setting yourself up for a better future. Far too many people become addicted to opiates because they have relied on masking their pain instead of healing.

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Shoulder pain is limiting. You want to get your life back and we want you to start feeling better right away. Please reach out to us today to learn more about getting our pain-relieving products. Submit a contact form or call us right away.

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