How to Manage Arthritis Pain

How to Manage Arthritis Pain Medication-Free Pain Relief Contact Us

One of the primary sources of pain for people worldwide is arthritis pain. Finding out how to manage this pain is not going to be one-size-fits-all. Please keep reading to learn more about how you can find relief.

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Where is Arthritis Pain Usually Felt?

Arthritis typically affects joints such as wrists, knuckles, ankles, and knees. The pain is often described as stiffness and aching. It can cause your muscles to feel weak, your mobility to be limited, and swelling in your glands.

Having chronic pain of any kind can wear down your mental health. Unmanaged pain can leave you feeling tired, weak, and depressed. You may also have a decreased appetite.

Finding relief from your pain can be possible with the correct methods. Not every recommendation is going to work for everyone, but with trial and error, you can find what works for you. Please keep reading to learn how.

Tips for Managing Arthritis Pain

If you are looking for ways to find relief from your arthritis pain, please keep reading to learn about some tips. Remember, not everyone is going to find relief from the same things. Reach your doctor immediately if you are having trouble finding the proper methods to manage your pain.


Gentle exercise can help with arthritis pain for several reasons. When you get moving, you may feel looser, have a better range of motion, stronger muscles, and increased endurance. These are all essential factors in managing arthritis.

Weight Loss

Having extra weight on your body can be hard on your body. Being overweight or obese can aggravate arthritis pain, especially in weight-bearing joints such as your knees. You can manage your weight by making healthy choices about what you eat and staying active. If you struggle to manage your weight, you may want to meet with a nutritionist.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a recommendation for just about every health condition because smoking can impact the body’s ability to heal. Smokers often struggle with more health conditions because of the detrimental effects that the habit has on their bodies.


Stretching can increase your range of motion and help you get rid of stiffness in the body. When you dedicate some time of your day to stretches for arthritis, you can alleviate your pain. You can stretch just about every part of your body that is affected by arthritis. A wealth of information is available online on the best stretches for where you feel arthritis pain.

Avoid High-Impact Exercises

Not all exercise will alleviate your pain. You will likely want to avoid specific high-impact exercises which can add stress to your joints and aggravate your arthritis. Examples of activities that might exacerbate your symptoms include jumping, running, and repetitive movements. Walking, swimming, and biking put less stress on your joints.

Apply Heat

Many patients with arthritis have found a lot of relief using heat. Hot baths with Epsom salts can be great, and hot showers can also be helpful if you are not into taking baths. Some people love paraffin wax and dip their hands into it to relieve pain. Heating pads are useful if they are not too hot and are used for 20 minutes or less at a time.

Our Medication-Free Pain Relief Products

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