How Medical Devices Help You Heal

How Medical Devices Help You Heal Get Away from Prescription Meds

If you are going through recovery from an injury or illness, you are likely using some medical devices. It can feel like a long road to recovery. However, a medical device can help you heal. To learn more about what these devices are and what they can do for you, please keep reading. If you are interested in purchasing products from Ultra Pain Products, please reach out to receive product information.

Types of Medical Devices

There are a few different classes of medical devices used. For example, a tongue compressor is considered to be a class 1 medical device. An infusion pump is considered to be a class 2 medical device. A pacemaker is considered to be a class 3 medical device.

Furthermore, there are high-risk and low-risk devices. A tongue compressor would be considered to be a low-risk device and a pacemaker would be considered to be a high-risk device.

The devices that Ultra Pain Products sell include low-risk devices such as knee braces, electrotherapy, and compression sleeves.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Devices

Insurance will cover a medical device that they deem medically necessary. If they can see that this device or product is designed to help you with your diagnosis, you can usually bet that they will cover the product.

For example, if you have knee surgery, they will likely cover your knee brace. If you have just had surgery and your insurance may cover your compression device meant to improve your circulation.

If the medical device would not benefit someone without your diagnosis and your doctor has prescribed this device for you, you can reach out to your insurance to make sure that they will cover all or some of the cost.

Request Product Information Today

If you would like to learn about the medical devices that Ultra Pain Products can offer you to heal sooner, please get in touch. We have many products that support and aid in your body’s natural healing process. They are designed to get you away from prescription pain medications. You can fill out a form to request product information or you can give us a call to get more information from us sooner.

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