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UltraLux is an FDA-registered LED device designed to help promote cellular healing by delivering essential nutrients and oxygenation to the injured tissue.

UltraLux application of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and low-level light therapy (LLLT) helps reduce pain, optimize healing, and shorten recovery time.

Easy to Use. Great Compliance.

Only use 15 Minutes a Day

UltraLux uses a proprietary combination of 4 different light energy frequencies to improve circulation, decrease pain and inflammation.

Why our customers love our products.

“I have experienced amazing benefits from UltraLux. I now understand the “bottom-up” and “top-down” healing process my surgeon described. The UltraLux heals tissue from the “bottom-up” and the cold therapy helps manage pain from the “top-down”. In the initial days following surgery, cold therapy helped me with pain management. UltraLux helped heal tissue, both for muscle recovery and for healing of my incision (reduction of scar).

Thought I would share with you what seven weeks of consistent use with the UltraLux  device has done for my surgical scar. Photo on the left is 1 week post op. Photo on the right is 7 weeks later.

Honestly, I don’t think there would be any visible scars if it weren’t for the fact some of the “inner stitches” continued to push through skin during my healing. And even more importantly, my doctor and PT are very impressed with my range of motion and strength recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that UltraLux played a very important role in my recover. I’m thankful my surgeon prescribed UltraLux.”

Chuck Jones – Michigan, USA

This patient used UltraLux red light therapy to help her would heal. The videos on the right show us what 10 weeks of red light therapy to the injury achieved.

“UltraLux helped me heal faster. I would recommend to anyone”

Beverly – Jacksonville, FL

Features of UltraLux

The Science of LLLT: Mechanisms of Action

Low-level laser (light) therapy/photobiomodulation refers to the use of photons at a non-thermal irradiance to alter biological activity. LLLT involves exposing cells or tissue to low-levels of red and near infrared (NIR) light. This process is referred to as ‘low-level’ because the energy or power densities employed are low compared to other forms of laser therapy such as ablation, cutting, and thermally coagulating tissue.

Mitochondria serve as our cellular “power plants”. They convert food molecules to energy (ATP) and oxygen by a process called oxidative phosphorylation. Cytochrome c Oxidase (COX) is the primary photoreceptor for wave lengths of LLLT Nitric oxide in mitochondria can bind to COX and displace oxygen in injured and hypoxic cells. Consequently, a cascade of events occurs in the mitochondria, leading to biostimulation of various processes, thus, LLLT can photo dissociate NO from COX and reverse this, when this happens it allows for healing of injured cells to take place.

Light Therapy’s effect on vasodilation was described in 1968. LLLT increases blood flow to expedite healing of tissue. It is clinically reasoned that LLLT is able to produce a shift for greater cellular oxidation due to the activation of various transcription factors. The most important of these molecules is reported to be ATP, cyclic-AMP and NO. LLLT has been clinically shown to enhance cellular proliferation of fibroblasts, endothelial cells and lymphocytes. The proposed mechanism of proliferation is stimulation of mitochondrial cells to activate signal pathways to upregulate transcription factors to increase production of growth factors. Furthermore, LLLT also increases neovascularization and collagen synthesis to aid in healing of acute and chronic wounds and soft tissue injuries.

Meet Our Science Officer

OnLux uses a proprietary LLLT combinations developed by the company’s science officer, Dr. Francisco Cidral, NMD (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), for each one of our wraps.

Additional accolades about Dr. Cidral that prepared him for his role as our Science Officer include:

  • Masters and Ph.D in Neuroscience and Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences.
  • Specializes in Integrative Therapies, Light Therapies and Neurobiology of Pain Inflammation.
  • Internationally renowned for his work in LLLT.
  • Has authored clinical studies published throughout the world.

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