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The Home Based Solution for injuries and accidents

  • Accelerate healing of acute, sub-acute, chronic and post-operative pain which accelerates the body’s natural recovery process. 

  • Designed to work on all upper and lower extremities. Can be shifted to different body parts as needed to reduce pain without the need for any additional patient device accessories.

  • Provides continuous therapy for up to 6.5 hours a day as opposed to the 10-15 minutes a patient would get from a competing device.

  • The portable and compact size of the device allows the device to be worn under clothing. The ability to attach the device to a belt or strap allows the Painshield MD to work for up to 6.5 hours daily on the go, sending treatment to the injured site without disrupting daily activities and routines.

  • At one clinic in New York, out of 255 patients that were prescribed the device, there was a satisfaction rating of over 90%.
  • No Ultrasound Gel

  • Independent, Convenient, Wearable Hand-Free Application

  • FDA Cleared | CE Certified


  • Reduces pain
  • Enhances tissue recovery
  • Provides deep heating
  • Delivers mechanical compression
  • Increases deep circulation
  • Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Provides daily, multi-hour therapy
  • Wearable and portable

Pain Management Has Never Been Easier


Can patients expect an improvement in daily living, reduction in pain levels and a possible early return to work after using the Painshield MD?
  • Daily Painshield MD therapy reduces chronic joint and back pain by approximately 2 points on the NRS 0-10 pain scale.
  • Daily Painshield MD therapy improves function and quality of life as measured with dynameter, WOMAC and GROC scales.
Do all insurances cover the charge of the device and will patients be billed for the Painshield MD at any point?
  • We will contact the patients’ insurance carrier on their behalf to confirm coverage for the Painshield MD.
  • Patients will not be financially responsible for any outstanding charges.
What qualifies the Painshield MD as the best home-based therapy?
  • By prolonging the time in which the cells and tissue are stimulated with mechanical vibration, Painshield MD therapy seeks to trigger a more robust mechanical transduction response.
Who shows me how to use the Painshield MD
  • The comfort and convenience of patients is our top priority. Our technicians services may be provided at home or at the prescribing physicians office.
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